Project Managment

The main objective in Project Management is to ensure the master project schedule is prepared in line with the client's requirements and investment project is reached to the maximum level quality with maximun budget controls.
At the Project Management content we supply to the clients summarize below.
  1. According to client requirements we cooperate with "architectural, statical, electrical, mechanical, landscape, infrastructure" project firms and processes the project details. When main design and details are completed we submit to the clients review and approve.
  2. According to the approved project details by client we preper and submit the master budget to the client's approve.
  3. Follow up with the local administrative initiatives initiated by the client and inform the client about the issues.
  4. Orginize tenders of construction processes according to the technical specifications and material information approved by client then submitting the revised master project schedule to client.
  5. Coordination and follow-up of procurement activities when necessary.
  6. Construction processes are carried out in quality standards such as "excavation, infrastructure, rough construction, fine construction works, electrical and mechanical works, landscape works, etc."
  7. "Monthly, weekly and daily" construction reports to be submitted to the client during the project period. In project progress budget and cost status reports to be updated and submitted to the client.
  8. Carrying out the checks of completed production phases of the project and hand over them to the client.
Reference Projects;
  • Epique Island Villa, Hotel and Marina Project
(Worked as Technical Office Chief at the project between 04.2015 / 03.2017.)